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hi, whoever may be reading it, probably me or some of my friends. its just i am really feeling nowadays like a zombie walking down here and there with no clue of what the fuck is happening around. what should i do? we all in a lock-down, a crisis and more of the big burden along with this crisis is just in my head. these thoughts are blowing like a hurricane in my mind distorting the small, peaceful little village in my mind. at this age, i’m just so burdened, what should i do to earn money . i mean you gotta earn money and turns out there’s nothing i can do so whats the point. being amidst a pandemic doing nothing sitting in my home and still worrying like a lunatic is dumb and so pathetic of me but i cant seem to help it. 

i love reading books and i’ve read a popular one called ” the alchemist” by Paulo coelho and i was so fascinated by that book ki voh book maine apne 11th ke finals main 2 din main khatam ki thi, was so fucking engrossed in it. and than i decided to find my passion , alove so that i could dedicate myself to it , same time i started being into music more than usual. and still i’m unable to find what i can do that i love to and dedicate my life to or am i? ohhh im a fucked up human. save me lord. well, i hope that i may find some light in future and carry on cause that is what is important and just flee away. oh i so want to flee away, far away.

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Simran Rana

A young aspiring lady , sharing knowledge from different sectors of society, which she observes in her daily life and moulds them in a way to give her viewers a better understanding of the difficult. She is a bio student by profession , continuing her under graduation and looking up to contribute to the society as much as she can.

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