We all humans are made up of some essential but dead matter; the atoms, molecules. These things are dead so, what makes us alive? Some of you will say our ability to think, our consciousness ,our senses but then what about a humanoid Sophia  and AI (artificial intelligence). Are they alive containing same properties of consciousness too?

My answer is our ability to think beyond our possessions, our ability to feel and fell, to find something beholding the horizon. These all things makes us alive- the love we share, the feelings we have, our yearning for reaching the place where we belong is just phenomenal. And all these things come in complete package on our journey to realize our dreams ,to live them and according to me person is dead without a dream. A person who go with the flow of a compromised life is dead as I’ve  read somewhere “Dead fish go with the flow”. There is a flow in everyones life determined by many factors. And is so much in our hand that what kind of flow we want? What kind of life we want only depend upon our choice. So guys, make a wise and true decision which really means to you. But sometimes we had to face many hardships and difficulties on our way and we just feel like quitting but ask your inner self, is it really worth your life? Is it really? At last our efforts to thrive under those circumstances is what makes our journey elegant and beautiful. And always remember your life, your happiness is what really matters. In this world we have scales to measure ones happiness and success but does it really true? No it is not. What is the point of measuring your happiness and worth on worlds prioritization ?  we all are unique and thus have different choices and aspirations. It is not important that your dream should be according to people’s  choice . Do what you want? What your heart says . So stop comparing yourself with others. You life is just yours and your loved ones- your family and friends. And it is also not important that you would make a good sum of money through your passion just don’t leave it behind. It’s your thing.

We must all have a good backbone system on which we can rely and live our life accordingly. Yes it is important to take challenges but not in the cost of your life.

At the end, I just wanna say first of all realize, what your dream is? where you really belong ? and then get up and work hard to achieve your goal. Remember there is no straight road to the top of the mountain , you always had to go through curvier paths to reach there. All you need is a persistent faith in yourself, in your dream, in the almighty.

So get up and strive hard to thrive elegantly as said my Maya angelou . Throw away your lethargy and laziness. Work hard for the best version of yourself and never forget to love yourself  because all you have in this world is ….YOU.

                                                            THANK YOU.

About the author

Simran Rana

A young aspiring lady , sharing knowledge from different sectors of society, which she observes in her daily life and moulds them in a way to give her viewers a better understanding of the difficult. She is a bio student by profession , continuing her under graduation and looking up to contribute to the society as much as she can.


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